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Greyscale solves the complex investigative and physical challenges facing today’s businesses. Leveraging our unique and extensive law enforcement experience, we create solutions to challenging situations.


Stuart Cole's Bio

Stuart had an impressive 28-year career in law enforcement, specializing in major and organized crime investigations, covert operations, and crisis/hostage negotiations.

Stuart spent over seven years as a detective in the homicide unit which exemplified his exceptional investigative skills in solving complex homicide cases. With dedication and expertise, he navigated intricate investigations, meticulously gathering evidence and analyzing details to uncover the truth. Stuart's unwavering commitment to justice and profound understanding of the complexities of homicide cases make him an invaluable asset in seeking truth and providing closure to victims and their families.

Stuart boasts 22 years of specialized experience in major crimes covert operations, including a noteworthy seven year tenure managing the Calgary Police Service Major Crimes Undercover Unit. Throughout his career, he has been involved in over 150 major crimes undercover operations, showcasing his exceptional covert operational abilities and capacity to gather critical evidence and provide professional court testimony. 

In addition to Stuart’s investigation experience, Stuart served as the team leader of the Calgary Police Service Negotiation Unit for nearly two decades, successfully resolving crisis and hostage negotiation events with peaceful outcomes. This experience demonstrates his ability to navigate high-pressure situations, communicate effectively, and bring about positive resolutions.


Stuart's expertise extends beyond operational work, as he also shares his knowledge by instructing crisis and hostage negotiation training to law enforcement agencies in Canada and the United States. Furthermore, he has presented at various conferences, focusing on topics such as kidnapping and homicide undercover operations. Stuart's commitment to sharing his expertise highlights his dedication to continuous learning and professional development.

With his strong foundation in integrity, transparency, and strategic thinking, Stuart's approach is highly adaptable to corporate investigations, online threat actors, and negotiations. His leadership skills, coupled with his creativity and expertise in these areas, make him a valuable asset in addressing the complex challenges faced by today's corporate world. Stuart's track record of success and his ability to solve problems with efficiency and integrity set him apart as a true professional in his field. 

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